With a smile, we’ll assist you with your ISO20022 Migration.
Your ISO20022 Migration
  • Everyone is talking about ISO20022 or SEPA, but you’re unsure what this means for you personally.
  • You know what you’d like as solution, but do not know where to find such
    Our ISO20022 Team will guide you with a smile through your ISO20022 migration.
    We’ll be able to advise you in matters of the new (SEPA) formats, PAIN.00x and CAMT.05x of the
    ISO20022 standard as well as the prolifically available banking communication technique EBICS.

  • What’s it all about
    With SEPA, the EU states as well as Switzerland and several other economically close countries have
    created a cohesive area for e-payments and cash management within Europe
    Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
    The SEPA area covers 34 countries (including Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

    Within the SEPA zone, all bank accounts have an
    IBAN (International Bank Account Number): a standard format to represent a unique account number
    The IBAN format is also used in several Non-SEPA countries:
  • Countries from Africa
  • Countries from Latin America
  • Countries from the Middle East
    This area is expanding continuously.

  • These new e-payment and cash management formats will become the (ISO20022) norm within this
    area. As of 2018 and as part of SEPA, these message formats will need to be used by all Swiss
    financial institutions.
    The traditional (non-ISO20022) formats will no longer be available. Thus, in-line with ISO20022
    regulations, you will need to adapt your existing ERP software in order to continue to be able to
    make e-payments and perform cash management tasks after 2017.

    mammut LION – the fitting solution
    Our software, mammut LION, knows the country- and bank- specific ISO20022 dialects to use within
    the e-payments and cash management domain. If required, the data coming from your ERP system
    get converted according to the specific needs of your bank. This way, your ability to connect to all
    financial institutions within the SEPA space is guaranteed.
    During the transition phase from the traditional formats to the new ISO200022 norm, you ‘ll also be
    on the safe side with mammut LION.
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    The ISO20022 migration Roadmap
    You’ll find the current roadmap to the ISO20022 migration of the Swiss financial institutions on the
    SIX Interbank Clearing website under Attaining the goal in stages as well as on the website of your Bank(s).


    Version overview
    mammut LION
    Version Date Supported schemas
    2.1.5416.20873 10.10.2014 PAIN.00100103-CH.01
    PAIN.00100103 SEPA
    2.2.5934.15807 14.04.2016 All the schemas from 2.1.5416
    CAMT.052 V4
    CAMT.053 V4
    2.4.6092.15757 07.09.2016 All the schemas from 2.2.5934
    PAIN.00800102-CH-V3 CHDD
    PAIN.00800102-CH-V3 CHTA
    CAMT.054 only download
    2.4.6130.19235 18.10.2016 All the schemas from 2.4.6092
    CAMT.054 ISR
    2.4.6192 16.12.2016 All the schemas from 2.4.6130
    New schemas at 16.12.2016
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